Cranberry Not Preventing UTI

Cranberry juice is not preventing UTI infections

Research from University of Stirling in Scotland and lead researcher Lasse Krogsboll, from the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen, Denmark, showing that cranberries are not helping with UTI.

This finally confirming what we are saying since 1989, cranberry products are not really effective against UTI. Many patients can confirm this. There are very few real natural solutions for uti. Those are D-Mannose for weak to medium infections, oregano oil if used properly and with right amount of carvacol (not all oregano oils are the same), and E-Drops Nano as the best natural solution for UTI.

Lead researcher Dr Ruth Jepson, from the University of Stirling in Scotland, said: “Now that we’ve updated our review with more studies, the results suggest that cranberry juice is even less effective at preventing UTIs than was shown in the last update.

CRANBERRY juice provides no meaningful protection against cystitis, contrary to the belief of large numbers of women, say scientists.

A review of findings from 24 studies involving 4,473 participants found no evidence that cranberry juice, or supplements, can be used to prevent bladder and kidney infections.

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