The UTI E-drops Receives Approval From European Union

Many people, especially women often suffer from a chronic bladder infection, which often occurs at frequent intervals. This is due to the special anatomical conditions of women. Due to the short urethra, the bacteria can easily migrate into the bladder and lead to frequent bladder infections, that leads to chronic recurrent cystitis. In such cases, treating only the acute inflammation is not sufficient. Measures to prevent the reoccurrence of this disease, after it has healed up is adequately required, else the bladder infection can come up again in the future. This can be achieved in long-term treatment with antibiotics.
The E-Drops natural remedy is a proven neutraceutical product developed by Natural-E. This innovative and natural herbal product from essential oils was invented by Dr. Enes Hasanagic. “E-drops” is now approved by both Health Canada and the European Union’s agency for health regulation.

Our product E-drops is natural and has no side effects. It is a new and powerful solution for quick relief in painful and uncomfortable urinary track infection symptoms. E-drops has been found to be more helpful in bladder and urinary track infection than cranberry juice.

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