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UTI E-DROPS PLUS are Natural Herbal Remedy that helps with severe UTI infections effectively and fast. UTI E Drops PLUS offers a natural alternative to antibiotics that work successfully to control and rid your body of urinary tract infection.

This is nothing similar to any of cranberry products

The potency of UTI E-Drops PLUS is greater than any of other natural products on the market. UTI E-Drops PLUS works faster against urinary tract infections than many antibiotics.

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UTI E-Drops. When you really get it. 

PLUS version of UTI E-Drops is developed for those who suffer from extreme infections with 10,000,000+ bacteria per ml. of urine as well as for a man with prostate infections. This is our most potent formulation currently available in Europe or in our international shopping cart. Health Canada NPN# is pending, and the expected release date for North American Market is the end of January 2018. Not many female users would need a PLUS version of our product. Regular UTI E-Drops will do just fine for the majority of users.

It contains a mixture of herbal extracts dissolved in alcohol.

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