UTI E-Drops Bundle with UTI E2-Drops.



UTI E-DROPS and UTI E2-DROPS are Natural Herbal Remedy that helps against UTI infections effectively and fast. UTI E Drops offer a natural alternative to antibiotics that work successfully to control and rid your body of urinary tract infection.

UTI E2-Drops for prevention and prophylactic use.

This is nothing similar to any of cranberry products

The potency of UTI E-Drops is greater than any other natural product on the market. UTI E-Drops works faster against urinary tract infections than many antibiotics. UTI E-Drops are European product, now made in Canada. Sold worldwide since 1989. Approved by the Ministry of Health Canada and EU. Long safety and efficacy record.

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UTI E-Drops, made in Canada

UTI drops, also known as UTI  E-drops ere invented 1989 in Europe by leading experts in herbal medicine and nutraceuticals. It is used to effectively combat urinary and vaginal tract infections. The plant extracts in UTI E-drops contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and these work to form a thin protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract to prevent bacterial growth. This is a topical naturopathic medicine in the form of drops that are delivered in a mixture of water. Health Canada, the European Union, and other critical review boards have approved UTI Drops for use.

UTI Drops are distributed and sold in Canada by Preferred Nutrition and can be found in health food stores across Canada.

For a directory of health food shop selling UTI E Drops by Preferred Nutrition in Canada check, UTI DROPS web page.

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