UTI E-Drops, approved by Ministry of Health Canada

UTI E-Drops

Approved by Health Canada and EU

Our extensive research shows that herbal extracts of certain plants provide an efficient, successful way to rid the body of infections associated with UTIs and cystitis.  Results from our research can be found in many pharmacopeias as well as in Health Canada Monogram.

It is known and documented that herbal extracts of plants we are using helping with UTI and Cystitis. Our research is around 5000 pages long.  Results and facts are published in many world pharmacopeias as well as in Health Canada Monogram. Our product and delivery method utilize the best combination for how the body absorbs and uses herbal extracts. Health Canada NPN#80023108

Also licensed and approved by the European Union.

UTI E Drops against most resistant urinary tract infections

UTI E drops, urinary tract infection natural treatment

UTI E drops was invented by Dr. Enes Hasnagic, a leading expert in herbal medicine and nutraceuticals. It is used to effectively combat urinary tract infections. The plant extracts in UTI E-drops contain antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and these work to form a thin protective layer on the walls of the urinary tract to prevent bacterial growth.

This is a topical naturopathic medicine in the form of drops that are delivered in a mixture of water. Health Canada, the European Union, and other critical review boards have approved UTI E-Drops for use.
Our all-natural product is now available in the U.S. and North America, after being used successfully and widely for many years in Central and Eastern Europe.

UTI drops side effects

UTI E-Drops are on the market since 1989 and so far there are no any known UTI E Drops side effects. However pregnant woman and children should always consult medical practitioner before taking any herbal remedy or supplement including UTI E-Drops. 

UTI E-Drops offers UTI sufferers the following advantages:

  • All-natural herbal extracts including juniper, lavender, eucalyptus and pine needle
  • Highly concentrated for faster absorption – and results
  • Easy to use: simply mix with water and drink
  • Antibacterial and antiseptic properties to not only prevent bacteria growth, but to also eliminate existing bacteria
  • Combination of timeless natural herbs with modern delivery technology for most effective results
  • UTI E-Drops approved by Health Canada and European Union.
  • All ingredients are on the FDA’s GRAS list.

For many women, Urinary Tract Infections and Cystitis are recurring problems. These problems are commonly caused by a bacterial infection, most often E. coli bacteria. Many have found that antibiotics and other treatments don’t deliver the results they seek. UTI E-Drops offers a natural alternative that works effectively and successfully to control and rid your body of infection.

Two natural products that actualy help with UTI

urinary tract infections doctor

Dr Robert – Copy from Discover Magazine

Very few antibiotic will help with urinary tract infection caused by certain strains of e.coli. Non will help with ESBL strain of this bacteria. Overuse of antibiotics is main cause of development of suberbugs such as MRSA or ESBL that are resistant to any known antibiotic.

Recommended alternative solutions such as cranberry products, or d-mannose will help just to the certain point with very week infections of 10000 or less bacterias per ml.

Two natural products that actually have significant impact on strong UTI caused by e.coli are Croatian E-kapi, and Canadian product called E-Drops Nano. Both contain extract from juniperus communis with mixture of other herbs that have very strong antibacterial properties. I had opportunity to practice in North America and Europe, and I did witness both product eliminating infections where multiply antibiotics failed !

Copy from discovermagazine.com


The UTI E-drops Receives Approval From European Union

UTI E-Drps approved

Many people, especially women often suffer from a chronic bladder infection, which often occurs at frequent intervals. This is due to the special anatomical conditions of women. Due to the short urethra, the bacteria can easily migrate into the bladder and lead to frequent bladder infections, that leads to chronic recurrent cystitis. In such cases, treating only the acute inflammation is not sufficient. Measures to prevent the reoccurrence of this disease, after it has healed up is adequately required, else the bladder infection can come up again in the future. This can be achieved in long-term treatment with antibiotics.
The E-Drops natural remedy is a proven neutraceutical product developed by Natural-E. This innovative and natural herbal product from essential oils was invented by Dr. Enes Hasanagic. “E-drops” is now approved by both Health Canada and the European Union’s agency for health regulation.

Our product E-drops is natural and has no side effects. It is a new and powerful solution for quick relief in painful and uncomfortable urinary track infection symptoms. E-drops has been found to be more helpful in bladder and urinary track infection than cranberry juice.